Babysitting Services

  • This is a Babysitting MEMBERSHIP Service for a spur of the moment date nights, emergency childcare fill-ins, back-up care, weekend and seasonal child care or maybe some extra hand to help you around your  home. 

  • We also cater to corporate conferences, events and NYC visitors touring here in New York City.. 

Being a member means you will have access to qualified babysitters in the  neighborhood whom work as nannies, too. 

Kids and Kaboodles Babysitting MEMBERSHIP Service will  give you peace of mind and confidence when your day just needs a little help. We are here and ready because we understand you well.

"We are the nannies you ask when you're looking for a good nanny."

 We have different babysitting services that will cater to your individual needs.


  • Temporary childcare fill-ins.

  •  Date nights babysitting.

  • Pick-up and drop off to school/playdates.

  • Occasional babysitting.

  • Seasonal Baby-sitting ( Holidays,Spring breaks, winter break, etc..)

Our babysitters can be there at your home for at least four (24) hours of notice for date nights . Twenty four 24 hours notice for emergency fill-ins and weekends help.

Our sitter is paid by the hour and is not a salaried employee. The rate of the Babysitter/nanny per hour varies. It is based on their  paid child care experience, educational background and training, job description and the number of children in care.


Currently a NYC babysitter/ nanny may earn from $20-$45 an hour.


If you have anymore questions , visit our FAQ page 

We encourage at least a guaranteed of four (4) hours of babysitting hours during the weekends to make it worthwhile for the babysitters time and effort.

Most of our babysitters work around your neighborhood. They know the neighborhoods family culture and its lifestyles well.They had committed themselves in this Babysitting MEMBERSHIP service .

  • NYC Babysitters 

 If you are visiting New York City and plan to enjoy a few hours of romantic date night with your spouse, maybe watch a broadway show or meet-up with old friends . This service is  for you and your family. All our babysitters are vetted and have extensive experience in childcare. They mostly worked as nannies in the neighborhood. This will enable your family to enjoy and experience NYC ,first hand. Our babysitters knows the best playgrounds, events and parks for your little ones to enjoy. Enjoy your visit and have an authentic experience through our NYC babysitters.

  • Corporate Conference and Events

This service is ideal for corporate clients. We will provide qualified childcare providers in the event space or location. Contact us for more details.

Our process

  1. Fill up our Babysitting registration form and pay the $199.00 membership fee that can be renewed yearly. 

  2. After receiving your registration form, we will set an appointment to contact you to get more ideas of your family's needs so we can help you find the right candidate.

  3. We will send  you t 1 -3 different childcare candidates that matches your hourly rate request for your review.

  4. After  selecting the right candidate we will then proceed to set -up everyones schedule, job requirements and agreement for your approval.

  5. We guarantee placements. We will take care of the hassle and stress in finding you your next childcare needs. This means no more worries of cancellations and then looking for other candidates when you needed it the most.  We got you covered.

This is a great way of having a back-up plan with no full-time commitment of hiring your own babysitter and day cleaners . its like having a great access to experienced candidates who are available upon your request. Just knowing that you have a great list of babysitters and day cleaners that guarantee that they will show up on your doorstep when you need them the most.

All our candidates are all vetted and had been interviewed according to our standard. 

Our Babysitting Placement Fees



One time yearly membership fee of $199.99 this will also be applied applied to any Babysitting program in the future.


This will be collected by the agency after booking a babysitting service .This excludes the babysitter/nanny's hourly fees.


A thirty five ( $35 ) per day booking fee for weekend help.

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