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Our Story


Kids and Kaboodles LLC is managed and founded by a nanny with twenty-years of experience in New York City, they created an agency that is dedicated to matching families with their ideal nanny.

Our company understands how difficult it is to find someone who will fit in your home and be a part of your family as a team. But Kids and Kaboodles caters to all family cultures and their lifestyle which makes the process simple for us. Kids and Kaboodles will search for the right candidates based on your job request and ideals of your perfect nanny.

Then we move into searching for that one person in our nanny community. We personally go out there and search for the right candidate.

We will deal with the process, tie the knots and ends so you don't have to. 

Kids and Kaboodles childcare placement manager goes through a roster of highly qualified individuals with full background checks to ensure the best quality of service suited for your needs. With our method, we promise a smooth transition into your home. It  will be natural and effortless especially for the rest of your family members.

"We are the nannies that you asked if we know a good nanny."

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