The NYC Nanny Agency

Kids and Kaboodles Nanny Agency will save you precious time by smoothing out your childcare needs. We know that each family is unique, and that is why we will spend time working out exactly what your family needs. We leverage our years of childcare experience to get a complete understanding of your ideal nanny candidate.

We work with experienced nannies that are passionate about providing quality care for your family. Each of our nannies has passed our in-depth screening process that involves validating their credentials, education, social media profiles, and references. In addition, we always conduct a comprehensive national background check through our partner private investigation company before placing any of our quality nannies into a client’s home.

Kids and Kaboodles LLC Nanny Employment Agency offers a variety of different services. Not only do we specialize in nanny placement but also offer services to assist families in easing their minds with parenting ideas in order to become an excellent domestic employer.

Permanent Placement Nanny

Finding that perfect partner for your family’s childcare needs is where Kids and Kaboodles of NYC thrives. We do our best to find highly experienced and qualified nannies from your local area that will become seamless members of your daily routine. Many of our nannies have chosen this profession as their long-term career. They prefer to stay with one family for years at a time so they can learn the complete ins and outs of caring for their needs. These placements can include live-in or live-out nannies.

Full-Time Nanny

A full-time nanny generally works between 40-55 hours per week and immerses themself in your children’s daily routine. They work in partnership with your schedule, so all the gaps are appropriately filled with experience and quality care. They can be both live-in and live-out positions.

Part-Time Nanny

Our part-time nannies work from 10-35 hours per week, including weekend nanny help, after- school pick-up, and our customized mother’s helper program. They can be both live-in and live- out positions designed to supplement your childcare more than offer a permanent fixture like our full-time nannies.

What do we do?

After receiving your registration payment and childcare candidate requirement form. We will then match you to our  company's qualified candidate list. They are childcare candidates that passed our initial interview screening, that includes initial phone interview, video conferencing and then the in person interview.  During the process we verify  their employer references, their educational and social media profiles, and then a comprehensive national background check before placing them to your home and that includes criminal records and such more. We are working with a partner firm , a private investigation company who are veteran in the childcare industry.


We will also help you

  • Set -up a home payroll system that will work for everyone.

  • Discuss how it will be beneficial for both parties. Like health insurance, Term life policy, 401K and so on.

  • With ideas for child care trainings and the new trends in child care development.

  • Candidates will have access to CPR & First Aid Trainings if needed and so does trainings for, Parenting APPs, Self feeding & Baby Led Weaning ideas, tips on new Gears & Gadgets for the whole household.

  • Orienting nannies and babysitter with the new technology and apps that new parents are using these days.

  • Sharing tips and ideas on how to start Baby Led Weaning , if requested and...

We will recommend all of the best resources to bring your family peace of mind, before and after hiring your ideal nanny.

Our registration fee is $349.00.

We partnered with HOMEWORK SOLUTION a household payroll company, so we can serve you better and they can answer any question you have about Nanny taxes and Payroll.

We are a FLAT RATE FEE nanny agency that holds their own standard. We do all the basic requirements of verification for everyone's confidence . Our company will help provide necessary trainings, coaching for childcare providers to catch up with what is new in childcare development and the latest trends in baby's gears & gadgets that the new parents are using these days.

We also help new parents navigate the hiring process and all the tools they need in order to be a great domestic employer.

With 20 years of childcare experience our Nanny Employment Agency is managed by New York nannies who have extensive childcare experience and have worked within various family dynamics in the city. The childcare provider that will be referred by us, Kids and Kaboodles LLC, has been hand selected in the nanny community. One of our nanny childcare consultant still works as a nanny in Manhattan . This positions us in the heart and soul of the culture of the nanny business.  

Our Nanny hiring process

  • First, fill up our family registration form*. We do charge a one time, non-refundable amount of $349.00 family application fee , which is good for one year . This will be on top of our FLAT RATE REFERRAL FEE.

  • After we have received your family's registration form & fee. We will send you our Online Intake Form and create an Online folder for you so you can access your emails, contracts , forms and invoices anytime for your review. Then we can start all the process and get you started with your household placement.  After submitting the form we will set up an appointment and discuss more about the next hiring process either by phone, video calls or meeting you in your home following a Covid -19 restriction policy by the New York state . We send out our Health Declaration Form for personal interviews and trials. Our childcare consultant had received their Covid-19 vaccine and still practicing under the guidelines of the New York state recommendation.

  • After gathering all the  needed information and learning more about your family's job description and personal request we will send you our  nanny agency's contract for your review.

  • After signing them, then we can only start our recruiting process. You will receive our own personal curated resume of childcare providers personal information. This resume will highlight the childcare provider's personality and skills. As a Client you will receive a dedicated ONLINE Portal folder where all our emails, forms, documents and invoices will be filed. It means easy access for your reference.

Our childcare providers are hand selected by our nanny childcare consultant in the nanny community. Which means we personally go out there in the community and seek the right candidate for you and your household.

Our childcare consultant works as a nanny and is very active in advocating for both, domestic employers and the childcare provider.

*The registration form fee is to facilitate the initial search and consultation of the candidate process, time and office resources will be used right away. 

Our fees for the Nanny Agency

Why do we charge a flat rate fee instead of a percentage placement?

We always want to make our client’s experience as smooth and rewarding as possible. Charging flat rate fees simplifies the entire process for both parties and eliminates any bargaining or negotiating at the last minute when you have a need. We believe strongly in the reliability of care we provide, and that includes our pricing models.

This also helps us hire the best nannies available. There are no complicated calculations related to their annual salary. Our straightforward process enhances clear communication where everyone involved knows what to expect.

At Kids and Kaboodles of NYC, we charge a FLAT RATE FEE of $6,000 for a Part-Time and Full-Time Placement. It is just that simple.

Other NYC nanny agencies will charge a percentage rate that ranges from 12% to 25%  of their nanny’s gross income. They based the calculation depending on the family’s nanny placement request, full-time or a part time placement.

These tend to be more expensive than our FLAT RATE FEE and overcomplicate the interviewing process.

It also means that the higher the annual gross salary, the higher the placement fee.

With us, it is a FLAT RATE across the board. Our goal is to make the hiring process with a nanny as easy as possible for you and your family.

Ready to Get Started?

With over 20 years of childcare experience, our Nanny Employment Agency focuses on combining expertise with local knowledge. Our referrals come to us because we offer excellent customer service working with nannies from the same cultures, backgrounds, and sections of the city where our clients work and live.

Contact us today to begin your application process so we can find the perfect nanny match for your incredible family!

Benefits when HIRING with US.

  • We will always have the same duty, requirements and diligence of procuring a childcare candidate. We will always treat the hiring process as a full- time placement. We will never cut corners on paperwork or lessen our duties and responsibilities based on the hours that the family requires.


Our goal is to place an amazing family care provider based on the family's personal and job request. Our agency wants to make sure that all the requirements are met for both individuals.

  • *Automatic registration to our Babysitting Membership Service & Household Staff Service. Fees are waived for the first year, a $200 value. You will also have access to five (5 ) NO-FEE, a $175 value*. when we place a candidate in your household as a back-up care , available for 1 year.  This excludes the hourly wage for the said candidate.  

  • * As a Client you will received promotional coupons and sales information from our affiliated VENDORS through our Family Concierge Service.

 *Full-time and Part -time Placement only. *Calculated on a weekend placement fee.

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