Household Services

Our professional Nanny and Babysitting agency has expanded to include customized household staffing and support services. We recognize the many challenges New York City families experience trying to manage their busy schedules. Things can quickly get a little overwhelming between family needs, after-school activities, careers, and social obligations.


That is why we are proud to provide a range of services to address your unique needs, from keeping your home tidy and clean to helping with the health needs of your elderly family member. We help relieve your stress levels by managing those background tasks you need to complete so you can focus on other essential tasks of your daily life.

We offer a range of services with full-time, part-time, weekly, and daily placements of our professional team, including:

Newborn Care Specialist (NCS)

We love being a part of your new family by providing the support and care you need, especially during postpartum periods. NCS, sometimes called baby nurses or night nurses, provide specialized care for newborns during their critical first months. They support the family by offering basic care coaching and guidance so you can smoothly transition into your new role as parents. Our goal is to keep the baby happy and healthy while giving Mom and Dad the crucial physical and emotional support you all need during this amazing event called parenthood.



Keeping your busy home clean and tidy is a serious challenge, especially when you have kids living their best life with toys everywhere and frequent kitchen creations on the counters. We have a team of qualified, background-checked, and verified housekeepers that will come to your home to maintain its appearance to your standards. Our qualified candidates will clean, do laundry, iron, dust, polish, and even run some errands to relieve the pressures of your household while you work to fulfill social obligations. A properly trained and experienced housekeeper provides your family with the space to focus on other tasks and issues without worrying about your home.

Apartment Cleaner

New York City is home to many working professionals who maintain an apartment residence or have business lodgings that need frequent cleaning between visitors and residents. That is why we provide a customized service that maintains the high quality of your apartment facility, no matter if that is your primary residence or a temporary location, while you complete a corporate project. We also provide house/apartment sitting when you are away on an extended vacation, trip, or business obligation. Our apartment cleaners are available for weekly nd monthly commitment only.


Senior Care (Elder Companion)

Having your elderly family member living nearby or in your home is becoming more and more common in recent years. While this creates a wonderful bridge to the past and ensures a strong family connection between generations, it can be a challenging weight to bear by yourself. That is why we provide a specially trained companion that creates a secure, safe, and happy environment for your loved one. This can be as simple as daily maintenance and care to encourage light exercise. Our goal is to maintain and improve the quality of life of your loved ones as they enjoy their golden years.

Our Household Placement Fees


Our yearly membership fee of $199.99 will let you access all our Household Staff service  for one year.


This will be collected by the agency after booking.

This excludes the

 hourly rate fees for the services



And a  thirty five ( $35 ) per day booking fee for weekend help.

Our Process

  • Start by contacting our placement manager and completing our Household Staff Registration form.

  • After receiving your registration form, we will set up an appointment to contact you via Zoom or phone. Our goal is to learn more about your family's unique needs so we can help you find the best-fit candidates.

  • As soon as we receive your Member registration fee of $199.00 only then we can start our process.

  • We will send you a diverse list of candidate profiles, 1-3 candidates, for your review and selection.

  • After selecting the candidate you feel will work best, we will then set up an interview, then schedule an in person trial in your household .

  • We guarantee placements from our community. We will take care of the hassle and stress of finding you the right household Staff candidates. This means no more worries of cancellations and then looking for other candidates when you needed it the most.  We got you covered.

Kids and Kaboodles household staffing service is an excellent way to manage your home and life. Let us handle the tasks that are taking up your time so you can get back to what is more important in your life, your family. Our trusted placement managers have years of experience in the childcare community. We provide you with the peace of mind that you need to get through your day.

All our candidates are vetted and have been interviewed according to our high standards.

Ready to Get Started?

With over 20 years of childcare experience, our Household Staffing Agency focuses on combining expertise with local knowledge. Our referrals come to us because we offer excellent customer service working with nannies from the same cultures, backgrounds, and sections of the city where our clients work and live. Contact us today to begin your application process so we can find the perfect household staffing match for your incredible family!

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