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Mother's Day During Covid-19

I think Mother's day will be more memorable this year.

Motherhood has been tested through tough times and it deems to be true mostly for these past few weeks.

Parents became teachers and counselors while working in their homes.

So, let us make Mother's Day more memorable this year, not because of the Covid-19 crisis, but because mother's never fail to extend more of themselves everyday.

Their love, patience, and care had comforted us through tough times so maybe we can make this day a little more meaningful by saying "We love you mom."

I gathered links and ideas YOU should give your Mom!

Dive into this and enjoy the little trinkets you can find for mom!

From candles, jewelries, personalized

messages , beauty products subscription and succulents.

They have got you covered!

Looking for something unique for your Mom who is not into the mainstream?

Take a gander on these items and impress them.

You know how cool Moms are.

Get into this wide variety of things you can pick and make her feel like a real queen.

From rose arrangements, home-spa treatments, and jewelry.

Use Momsday15 at to get an additional 15% off your purchase.

4. Etsy

If you want something originally and personal to your heart.

Etsy is the place to shop.

From vintage collections, personalized key chains, personal messages on plates pillows and anything else under the sun.

They have it!

In honor of Mother's day Alexandra Dettori Catering & Events has partnered with Pic & Petal to offer Mother's day gift packages.

For every purchase , they will donate a bouquet and a dessert to our frontline workers on Mother's Day.

Female -Founded ReVased has also partnered with them with these donations.

If you have a custom request you can email them at:

This is a heart warming Mother's day gift indeed. #aparttogether

My personal favorite , are you listening my dear family?

This is my personal pick for mother's day. I love the simplicity and its elegance. It ranges from different colors too! From gold plated to real gold.

But I really want to put my nickname instead, the one I was called my whole childhood. It is definitely something different and nostalgic

They are giving 10% use the code JOLOMNN10.

The only thing is your order will not arrive on Mother's Day. The last shipping timeline I checked was May 18, 2020 which already is an urgent delivery.

Also, if you want some mommy-time to enjoy your day.

We got you covered!

We are offering gift certificates for virtual babysitters.

Either one on one or a party package for a group of kids.

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