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What is a Nanny Share?

Nanny Share

Your child is easily one of the most important people in your life! We understand how crucial it is to keep them safe and make sure they’re well taken care of even if you can’t always be there to watch them. That’s the beauty of “Nanny Share ".

It’s not always easy finding someone to take care of your children for a cost you can afford. And especially that some Daycare Centers in our community had been impacted by the pandemic. Finding the right childcare for your little one can create unneeded stress on both you and your children. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the childcare service that can transform your daily life! Let’s dive right in.

What is Nanny Share?

A Nanny Share is an agreed upon arrangement between two families who agreed that their children be watched by the same nanny at the same time. Many families are going through various economic hardships right now so this Nanny Share service provides a more cost efficient option and

with a little more personal attention.

Both families are dually responsible for being the “employers” who pay all employment taxes and insurance on the wages they pay to their new nanny!

What You Must Know About Nanny Share .

When you’re trying to decide what family you’re going to Nanny Share with, you should consider the following criteria:

➢ Does the other family share your parenting style and do you get along?

➢ Do all the children get along well with each other, their schedules and activities?

➢ Are the age ranges of the children similar?

If you didn’t answer “yes” to all these questions, you may want to rethink the family you initially decided to complete the Nanny Share with. It’s a big decision!

Find the Right Nanny for You

We want to make sure you find a nanny that has a full portfolio of professional experience with Nanny Shares! This is why our Nanny Agency helps pair you with the nanny that is best suited for your needs and the needs of your children as well. Additionally, we will help guide you to put together the perfect nanny work agreement between the families and the nanny. This allows everyone to completely understand the expectations and responsibilities being placed on each party.

Some important factors of this agreement include:

Work Location

➢ The families and the nanny must decide at the beginning who will be the designated “host” family.


➢ There should always be enough supplies at the "host" location for both children. This will include a proper arrangement being made for basic needs such as food, diapers, bibs, etc.

Holidays/Sick Leave/Benefits

➢ Always make an initial arrangement to plan for situations where the nanny can’t work due to unforeseen circumstances.

Discuss Parenting Styles

➢ Every family such thoroughly know, understand, and agree with the parenting styles of everyone involved in the Nanny Share.

Additional Family Members

➢ Have the discussion about whether or not one of the families is going to add another child to the Nanny Share agreement in the future.

How Much It will Cost Me and the other family?

It’s very important that you understand exactly what tremendous economic benefits you will receive from utilizing our Nanny Share services!

Each family only pays 75% of the nanny’s hourly rate!

For example, let’s say that the hourly rate for your nanny is $25 per hour. This means that “Family A” pays $25 x 0.75 and “Family B” pays another $25 x 0.75 which totals to the nanny receiving $37.50 per hour.

This allows us to ensure our hardworking nannies receive an increased income for successfully taking care of multiple children while the families still pay less than they would with a traditional nanny service or in a Daycare Center Setting.

Why You Need Nanny Share Now

A Nanny Share is the perfect way to make sure your children are safely taken care of without dealing with the extreme economic burden of paying for a nanny all by yourself.

It creates a sense of community while providing a much personal approach in taking care of your children.

Let us help pair you with a nanny for you and another family to enjoy with our Nanny Share Placements.



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