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Welcome to Little Adventurous Eaters

Tiny Hands, Tasty Adventures: Your Baby's Food Journey Begins Here!

Setting the Mealtime Mood

Introducing the Kids & Kaboodles baby-led weaning set: A splash of moody blue or the gentle allure of quartz pink invites a universe of taste, turning mealtime from a task into a delightful baby banquet!

Endorsed by Experience

These baby-led weaning supplies are curated with the expertise of an NYC nanny who's seen 20 years of baby giggles, spills, and playful tantrums. Each piece, especially our celebrated training spoon, is the product of countless hours of testing and development to ensure your baby's transition to solid foods is as breezy as their laughter. “I've been a nanny in Manhattan, NY for more than 20 years. I have expertise with standard purees and baby-led weaning and feeding.”

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The 'Oops' Era Solution

Ah, the era of throwing, spilling, and discovering gravity (again and again)! Our high-quality silicone baby utensils aren’t just cute; they’re non-toxic and designed for swift cleanups. In short, they’re ready to endure the enthusiastic testing phase of your budding curious young eater.


Simply throw them in the dishwasher or give them a quick wash down with warm water and soap. Perfect for those 'more-on-the-floor-than-in-the-mouth' days!

For the Globetrotting Gourmet

We know little explorers have big appetites, even on the go. Our baby-led weaning set is perfect for those spontaneous picnics, beach brunches, or grandma's surprise visits. Every meal becomes a memorable escapade, whether indoors or basking in the sun.

Building Independence, One Bite at a Time

Beyond just feeding, it's about empowering those tiny fingers to embrace independence. With ergonomically designed utensils and dishes designed with safety in mind, watch in awe as your baby takes charge of their culinary journey.


This kit assists new parents or nannies in selecting a feeding strategy that will aid in the development of their infants' eating abilities and healthy eating habits.

The spoon is excellent for palmar grip and is used in baby-led feeding when parents hand it to their child. Infants can grip it, and the corner stoppers assist them in avoiding forcing the entire spoon into their mouth, which minimizes their gagging reflex. It is the main thing new parents worry about when introducing solid meals. When heading outdoors, the bowl with a lid can be quickly tossed into the baby bag and fit the spoon and another bib (the thin set) inside. 

This kit's primary goal is to provide the baby freedom while introducing solid meals.

Our kit may be used in the microwave and dishwasher.

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