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Family Concierge

The reality for most parents nowadays is a crazy combination of work and life. This blend implies that parents are attempting to balance their home needs and their work to a point where there is literally no distinction; goodness, isn't it draining? This might be twice overwhelming for working parents who are also reliable to fending for their children and other loved ones equally.

This feeling will drain your mental and emotional health. At Kids and Kaboodles NYC, we help relieve your stress levels when managing your family’s needs while helping you save your sanity. We want to help you manage that connection between you and your family with no worries about what errands have not been done and when it will be done.

  • Helping you with your child birthday party; setting and cleaning-up the the space.

  • Last minute gift shopping pick-up for you and your child.

  • Ordering, picking-up and delivering your children clothes from your favorite stores and boutiques.

  • Online research for you and for your child classes, camps and outdoor activities.

  • Pick up and drop-off in school service.

  • Backup childcare**

  • Mom, Dad and baby's gear & gadget research like baby monitor, city stroller, baby cribs, traveling strollers and more.

  • Research tickets for family events and shows for the whole family.

  • Baby Led Weaning and Baby Self Feeding Consultation.

  • Sleep training Coach referrals.

  • We also have HOME ASSISTANCE, like wait service for important deliveries, home check from pre-arrival set up and departure clean-up for your whole family.

  • Organized an Infant/Child CPR and Safety classes for the whole family (ONLINE ONLY).

  • Returning and exchanging Baby gifts and registries in the store/online.

  • Access to our VENDOR LIST ( couriers, European & Local clothes line designers , baby/children home accessories, etc)

  • Apartment cleaning**.

  • Grocery shopping and delivery drop off from different stores in the city that includes of course, delicatessens shops.

"Just show us your list and we will help you cross them out one by one".

You can extend and use your Family Concierge Membership Service with your SENIOR parents as well.

  • Senior Care Companion Placement.

  • Occasional wellness home check.

  • House/Apartment sitting.

  • Apartment Cleaning. (We have a great team of housekeepers that can do weekly & monthly cleaning.)

  • Grocery Shopping pick-up and drop-off.

  • Medicine pick-up and drop-off.

  • Companion for medical checkups.

  • Food preparation and cooking.

* * Please, check our Babysitting Services page.

It's like having a personal assistant for the price of a weekly cup of joe in the city. You cannot beat that!

Your to-do lists may be lengthy, but there’s no rule that you have to do every task by yourself. (As long as that task is done it does not matter who crossed that list out).

Kids and Kaboodles NYC will lend you a helping hand. With you in mind , our service will help you match with the right person for your home, your needs, and your request. With our family concierge & errand service, you can look at your to-do lists and accomplish them by delegating it  to us. Our family concierge service provides quality candidates and small independently-owned businesses in the community. We personally Interview and evaluate them by looking at their background, online reviews, and customer service. We are using strict guidelines to provide the best service possible for your requests.


At Kids and Kaboodles NYC , our service is an extra helping hand that most working parents need and want because these can seriously help lower the burden of carrying work office and home errands together. Parents who partner with us can watch their errand list check so you can get more time and energy in the day, and focus on what’s important in your life.

If you need a spur of the moment or maybe an urgent babysitting need in the daytime or evenings.



With minimal effort, parents can now access our vast, reliable Babysitting services. Every day, a working parent or guardian's most crucial requirement is time, not just any time, rather a time to cancel off tasks on their to-do list but the time to feel and enjoy a moment and take care of themselves or their family.

  • All you have to do is sign-up with our Baby Sitting Services for a one time registration & membership fee of $99 and you will have access to back up childcare when needed.

However, when each day feels like there is no longer  space for self-care and hobbies to take care of the mundane things in life. The Kids and Kaboodle  NYC family concierge & errand service is  your lifesaver; we will help regain your work's morale and productivity by shrinking your to-do list. We help you have your sense of empowerment and freedom to focus on your work and feel more accomplished by the end of the day.

Partner with us and be our vendor!

Services We Offer


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Our Fees


Kids & Kaboodles Family Concierge Service has a one time membership retainer fee of $199.00










How It Works

Our work starts from receiving the request if it’s a concierge job.


And for the errands, it starts from arriving at the location of the job requirement.


Our discounted plan offer are for for our new clients only.


Plans can be rolled over the next month and expire after one 1 year of purchase. 

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To register please fill in the form and pay the registration fee of $199

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