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Nanny Share : Are they really a great alternative in private childcare ?

A nanny share is a great way to get personalized care and save money. It's not for everyone, but if you're interested in learning more about it, this guide will help. A nanny share is when two families share the same nanny. It might seem like a strange idea at first, but the benefits are undeniable.

A nanny share is basically when two families work together so that each family gets the child care they need while saving money on it. This works best if both families have similar schedules (e.g., both working full time or both working part-time). The goal is for each family to take turns sharing the same nanny at different times throughout the week. As such, several things need to be considered before entering into one of these arrangements with someone else.

The parents have a weekly rotation schedule with their nanny and need to agree on which day of the week they would like her on duty (i.e., Monday through Thursday). For example, if three families are sharing one nanny and each family has one child under age five, then each family will get three days per week with reasonable notice given if there is any change in schedule due to illness or vacation plans made by either parent/guest(s).

How Does a Nanny Share Benefit My Family?

It gives you more time with your children, more time to yourself, more time to spend with your partner, more time to spend with other family members, and even more time for yourself. Not to mention you will save on expensive childcare costs, which is a huge benefit when living in and around NYC.

You do not have to worry about finding someone else who will take care of your kids or watch them all day long by yourself. Your nannies can help manage the kids while you run errands or take care of other needs in the house.

You also will get alone time. This is a rare thing for any family around the world and a necessary way to decompress from the day's stress. That benefit alone is more than worth the logistics of working out a schedule with a partner family.

What Makes a Great Partner Family?

The best partner families will be open and honest about their expectations and willing to meet with you. They’ll also be flexible, respectful of your time and work schedule, and communicate effectively with both the nanny and yourself.

Think about all of the time and financial savings. Your partner's family is just as interested in finally getting a calming bath on their own or even just a few minutes of freedom to lay back on the couch and catch up on news of the world. They will be just as eager to swap information and make this scenario work.

What Kind of Nanny Works Best in this Scenario?

It’s important to note that beyond the qualifications, a great nanny will also have some intangible qualities for this specific arraignment like:

  • Experience - The more experience your potential caregiver has in childcare, the better. This is because they will be able to provide your child with a consistent routine and structure that is familiar to them, as well as enforce discipline when needed.

  • Personality - A happy attitude goes a long way in helping children feel comfortable around someone new in their lives, especially if they are young enough not to talk much yet!

  • Communication skills - You may want someone who understands how important work-life balance is for you right now but also has some flexibility if something comes up unexpectedly at work or home.

Where to Get Started with a Nanny Share Arrangement

Nanny sharing can be a great way to find a good caretaker for your child without spending thousands of dollars. If you're lucky enough to find someone who is as concerned about finding the right match for their own family as you are for yours, then you'll most likely have a great experience.

That is where Kids and Kaboodles Nanny agency of NYC can help. We are a bespoke Nanny, Babysitting , and Household Services provider that regularly sets up connections between qualified, experienced, and verified caregivers to families all over the NYC area. If you are interested in a Nanny share arrangement, reach out to our team. We have families of all kinds trying to connect with like-minded individuals and a growing pool of flexible nannies ready to help make things work.

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