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Now, Lets Talk About Baby Bottoms

I have been in childcare for so long that the children in the first family whom I worked for as a Nanny are now in college.

Last summer I began working for a new family with a newborn

( Also, I am so in love with the baby! Her baby smell and her tiny little toes are too adorable to resist.)

I can ramble on about a babies cuteness, but today we are here to talk specifically about baby's tushies.

If you are a new parent, you understand the limitless times you have to change a diaper in a day. It is definitely an around the clock full time job because we want their bottoms clean and healthy especially when they are newborns.

When I change diapers, I normally apply diaper cream. In this procedure I usually do the classic finger dip and slather move. Afterwards, I end up having to scrub and dig out my nail beds trying to get out the excess cream stuck under my finger nails and they have a strong smell, too. Sometimes I can still smell the zinc even though I washed my hands a few times.

But after learning about the diaper cream applicator, I was hooked. It is easy to use and more sanitary than using the classic dip and slather finger method.

Hello spatula and goodbye to finger dipping!

So, far I use Baby Bum. This product comes in two different sizes and is available in a variety of colors. Also, it offers a traveling case and the spatula has different sizes to accommodates your baby as they grow.

When I discovered this I told myself: "What? Why did I not think of that?"

Because Baby Bum is a Mommy invention which she created specifically for her child. Her newborn baby had GI irritation and acidic stool. So, if you are a parent with a child still in diapers you know what I mean. Those rashes hurt and uncomfortable for babies.

So lets save one baby tushie at a time.

Here are the list of diaper cream applicators out there today.

(Please know some of them have affiliate links, so if you click, we earn a little! So kindly support Kids and Kaboodles blog .)

"Great suction base, you can use your 2 hands when your baby likes to roll around during diaper change."

"Keeps my fingers clean, more sanitary."

"Conveniently distribute ointment, easy to wipe and clean."

" Its compatible with most cream tubes. "

"Travel well and is mess free."

" I also used it to apply my face mask and cream."

" Very handy, can fit in your key chain. Travel kit size friendly."

Travel cap is great when you are on the go, easy to clean."

"It has a lid to cover the mess and can store a small diaper plastic inside the cap."

" Super Easy to use and clean. Makes diaper change easy. "

" Wish I had it sooner. Great for travelling and easy to clean."

" A must have for all parents ."

" Besides being known for being a great diaper rash paste, this keeps your fingers out of the greasy mess, allows you to spread on the butt like frosting."

"It is soft and flexible. Great for spreading paste for sore diaper rash."

"Our favorite brand of diaper cream and the Butt brush makes it easy to apply."

" Great product and price. Gets the jo done and it cost less."

"It's a very flexible spatula, perfect for delicate baby butts.

" No more cleaning diaper cream out of your nails."


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