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NYC Babysitting Service

Filling the Gaps Between a Nanny and a Babysitter

Kids and Kaboodles Babysitting Membership Service offer professional nannies to accommodate your last-minute and short-term childcare needs. Our babysitting services are a little more customized than others. We offer a membership program that provides quality and engaging childcare while you enjoy a date night, manage school breaks and holidays, or simply need a break from your regular routine.

Our program provides your family access to our pre-screened, experienced, and qualified nannies that are filling in extra hours and want to connect with you.

We understand that many families enjoy the benefits of working with close relatives or recommended childcare from friends to watch their little ones, but you cannot always guarantee those options will be reliable or available. That is why Kids and Kaboodles offer a long list of committed babysitters available when you need them the most. Each member family receives access to 2-3 babysitting candidates to ensure they receive quality service and guaranteed placement.

How Covid Effects Our Babysitting Service When your family signs up for our professional NYC babysitting membership service, you will receive their initial resume introduction and the choice to conduct a Zoom or phone interview with our available candidates. This way, you can make sure they are the right fit for your family during this unpredictable time. We try our best to observe New York state general guidelines to keep our families safe and healthy. We have candidates competent and prepared to maintain an environment equal to your current standards during the Covid pandemic. Our offices are open and accepting new candidates through our online screening only at this time.

How Our Babysitting Service Works Kids and Kaboodles offer a babysitting membership service to accommodate families needing childcare assistance for spur of the moment date nights, emergency nanny fill-ins, back-up care, or extra hands to help around the house during the weekend and holiday seasons. Our qualified and professional team is available to cater to corporate conferences, major events, or NYC visitors enjoying the sights and exciting culture available in the city.

Every one of our Babysitting Members has access to professional babysitters that work as nannies as well. These are caring, patient, and fully qualified individuals that seamlessly integrate into your home, providing the added support your family needs for peace of mind while you are away on business, pleasure, or emergencies.

Our babysitting services include:

  • Temporary childcare

  • Date night coverage

  • School/Playdate pickup and drop off Seasonal needs (holidays, school breaks, etc.)

  • Filling in for your regular professional nanny due to unforeseen circumstances. Our qualified babysitters can be at your home with at least four (4) hours of notice for date nights and twenty-four (24) hours notice for emergency fill-ins and weekend help. We encourage that you provide at least four (4) hours of babysitting need during the weekends to make the time and effort worthwhile for our candidates.

Most of our qualified babysitters work around your neighborhood. As a result, they have the personal knowledge of your neighborhood’s culture and lifestyle that offers as little interruption to your child’s daily activities and schedule. That is why our babysitting membership service is so valuable because we know how to support your lifestyle.

Our babysitting membership service has an annual membership fee of $199 + a placement fee. The hourly rate for our highly qualified babysitters ranges from $20-$45 per hour. There are no minimums you have to meet each month. You pay only as we place our babysitters in your home.

Sign up for our Family Concierge Service also and receive a discount. We will waive our Babysitting Service registration fee valued at $199.00. This is an excellent way to get the added help a true New Yorker needs as they navigate the challenges of a busy work-life balance.

Our Agency process

  1. Start by completing our Babysitting Registration form and finalizing payment for the annual $199.00 membership fee.

  2. After receiving your registration form, we will set up an appointment to contact you via Zoom or phone. Our goal is to learn more about your family's unique needs so we can help you find the best-fit candidates.

  3. We will send you a list of 1-3 different candidate profiles for your review and selection. After selecting the candidate you feel will work best, we will then set up schedules, job requirements, and a final agreement for your approval.

Using Kids and Kaboodles for your babysitting needs is an excellent way of having a backup plan ready to go without the hassle of finding your own babysitters . We do all the background work for you to ensure each candidate has the experience, qualifications, and proper checks, so they are ready and available upon your request. Let us provide you with the peace you need you need to get through your day. All our candidates are vetted and have been interviewed according to our high standards.


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